Streamlining Data Handling and Operations

Sound Resources Group (SRG) streamlines the handling and processing of data for credit unions and financial institutions. Our approach enhances your team's capabilities by combining their efforts with our expertise, and incorporating superior systems, products, and methods for more effective data administration.


Revolutionizing Data Handling and Processing in Financial Institutions

Discover how Sound Resources Group is revolutionizing data handling and processing in...

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Secure, Integrate, and Manage Your Data with a 360-Degree View

Leverage SRG's advanced data warehousing services to enable a comprehensive 360-degree view of your membership and in-depth analytic capabilities. Our solution is designed for rapid deployment, integrating seamlessly with multiple systems. We specialize in creating new adapters quickly and securely, ensuring your data is not only stored but also secured, integrated, and easily manageable.
This service is the cornerstone of all things BI, providing a robust foundation for your data management success.
  • Fully functional data warehouse in weeks, not years.
  • The HEART of all things BI: A foundation for success.
  • Rapid deployment of adapters to multiple platforms, enhancing integration.
  • Ability to automate ingestion of data from various source types.
  • Secure and efficient creation of new adapters for your data warehouse.
  • Single source of truth for data, ensuring integrity and reliability.
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Transform Data into Decisive Action

With over 40 years of combined credit union experience, we speak your language, credit union. We can quickly take use cases and put them into action without having to go through endless rounds of discovery.
This product assists management in visualizing data for informed decision-making, providing a clear and concise single source of truth for data.

  • Rapid deployment of solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Empowers end users with the flexibility to filter and interact with data as they prefer, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • Establishes a single, reliable source of truth for all your data, enhancing decision-making accuracy and efficiency.

Board of Directors

Lyman Williams

Ryan Zilker

Don Clark

Wendy Cleveland

Altaf Merchant, Ph.D.

Haluk Demirkan, Ph.D.

Our Team

Jason McDougal

Danielle Kiger

Henry Ma

Mitch Lund

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Something Powerful

Sound Credit Union has fostered a unique Credit Union Service Organization, wholly owned and nurtured from its inception - Sound Resources Group.
Sound Resources Group was born out of a need to build robust internal data warehousing and visualization skills. Recognizing a similar need in the industry, it began by assisting other credit unions that sought help, marking the start of its collaborative journey in 2019.
The primary focus of this organization is to aid credit unions in initiating and expanding their business intelligence efforts. By sharing our journey and the valuable lessons learned along the way, we have established a foundation for collaborative partnerships. We take pride in our deep understanding of the credit union industry and our ability to create efficient processes for teams, ensuring that our partners benefit from our expertise and experience.

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